Metal Working Projects

This was a rod, it was upset (thickened) and then the rosetta stone design was hammered in using a ball-peen hammer and a big wood mallet. 

I made this sign for my shop with a 13 year old kid who was interested in welding. 

Living roof brackets for Joseph Becker's experimental clay/woodchip cabin. 

You tell me what this guy is.  

Plankton skeletal structure made from 6mm allen wrench keys.  

Hallway hooks on Brazilian cherry.  

Sun and moon brackets as the support for my kitchen countertops.

 Repousse pieces begin.  I took my first class with Travis Conn and made this whale.

With the aid of Bill Dawson I was able to make my first repousse punches from old nail sets.  I went home and made these star fish broaches.

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