The Leafspring

These are process pictures of the Leafspring project.  For more information click on a picture and it will take you to the blog post about that picture.

This is a picture of a 1984 Terry Taurus travel trailer.  I found this image on the web and while my trailer did probably once look like this, when I gota hold of her she was as rotten from water damage.

When I got the trailer back to Olympia, it looked like this.

It all began by altering the footprint of the trailer.  I welded on 2x3 tubing to widen the frame to the width of the wheels.

This is what it looked like when I brought it home from the metal shop.

After stripping, grinding and a paint job.

In this image you notice the thick pond liner that is draping over the frame.  First I laid down the pond liner, secured it in place with 2x3 treated lumber, fit in 1 and 1/2" foam insulation and capped it with 3/4 tongue and groove sub-floor plywood.

On my 28th birthday we started raising the walls.  Then we went to the beach...

I did not frame for any windows.  I didn't know where I wanted them.  I just framed the structure quickly then spent time in and thought about possibilities.

I sheeted it quickly so that I could start framing the roof.  You are racing the weather in Washington, so my time schedule is based around getting a roof on before it starts raining.  I used to 1/2 pieces of plywood screwed together to build the ridge beam. 

Framing the hips in the front of the trailer proved to be a challenging task.

Roof wrap and window placement.

Exterior foam roof wrap. 2 layers of 2" foam.

Metal roofing was difficult to install.  Once again the hips proved to be challenging because we had to cut all the metal roofing with a skill saw (backwards blade), to make the triangles in the front of the house.  The metal also has furring strips underneath of it to allow ventilation for condensation on the metal.  With 4" of foam, then 1x2 furring strips and finally roofing metal you start to forget where the plywood is, not to mention the rafters.

But we got it on while it was still sunny.

We made interesting cedar fascias.

And custom fir framed windows with cedar sills.

We installed most of the windows and wrapped up the rain skirt.

Finished the fascias, got another wheel and took it on it's first voyage.

Geez, it's been a while since I added photos...  Here are some more recent photos... 


  1. Hey what part of the country is this. It looks so beautiful there?

    1. Hey Nelson, We live in the Pacific Northwest. These photos were taken in Olympia, Washington

  2. hi travis, do u have youtube account?