Saturday, October 10, 2020

Cosmic Seed

Trees use seeds to populate the world.  I wonder if they could ever imagine how much enjoyment they would create!  The samara is the name for this particular kind of “helicopter” seed.   Many trees use samara style seeds, Maples and Sycamores for example have their own models.  As I was carving this giant seed a few tiny samaras fell on me from a Douglas Fir tree.  As I was unaware samara seeds came from Douglas Fir trees, I was mystified.   Then I noticed some   Black-Capped Chickadees playing on the fir branches resulting in shaking their limbs.  Wait!!  They were climbing on the cones and eating the seeds inside.  It turns out there are helicopter bays inside of each cone with samara seeds parked in some kind of tetris miracle.  The Chickadees know this so they wait until the trees open their cone doors and then ravage the stash.  A few courageous samara pilots are able to plummet past the avian invaders, only to be marveled by a human below who is, coincidentally, hand carving a symbolic, sculptural model of them.   There are stories all around just waiting for us to witness.  

This seed is a story.  There are two copper poles and radiating lines between the poles.  Electricity is the unifying force of the cosmos and copper is humanity’s conduit.  Copper wires carry energy to light our homes and fuel our devices.  Every time your heart beats a tiny electrical arc fires.  There is a cosmic story hidden in this seed and it needs your inquiry to grow. Sometimes  another story is right under your nose if you take a closer look. 

Photo by Macky Swoboda                               

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