Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Anglerfish Sauna

The Anglerfish Sauna is a wood fired sauna on wheels!  It was built by the Hundred Handed Ones collective started by myself (Travis Skinner) in collaboration with Travis Conn. We utilize sculptural form in a functional way.  The Anglerfish Sauna showcases these principles in an experience.  We ask the audience to step into the work and witness natural form inspired by life.

The Anglerfish is for sale!  please ask us about her:  Email contact:

Cedar interior space.  The door has a black walnut wooden latch and custom steel forged hinges.  The eyes are blown glass windows with inset lights...

The eyes and lure bulb were blown by Kevin Regan of Central Glass Works in Centralia, Washington.

The garlic bulb stone basket heat exchanger!  I had a great time building this one and special thanks to Chuck McEvoy for his insight on stone setting :)  The stove pipe snakes through the stone basket...

The night lights

The scales and fins are the work of Travis Conn's sheet metal shaping.  The tail is a door that swings open to access the wood stove.

This piece is built to travel :)  If you have a possible venue for our art, contact us
The Anglerfish Sauna is for sale!  please ask us about her 

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