Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Custom Sauna Project with Marc Goodson

The Steam Roller is a custom collaboration project with Marc Goodson of Engaging Environments LLC.  Marc is a very talented carpenter and welder and he visited me in Olympia to see the Snail Shell Sauna.  We decided to collaborate on another sauna that was his main design in his shop in Portland, Oregon.  Over the past few months we have met for a few days at a time and chipped away on all the details.  After a lot of on and off work we spent Easter weekend jacking up the sauna and getting it on to a trailer and out of Marc's shop!

What to do with this beautiful sauna?  We are not entirely sure.  It has been a terrific project and we hope to use it to showcase our work and potentially find a buyer.  I think Marc is a bit attached to this sauna, but for the right price he could be convinced to let it go.  For now it will live outside of his shop in Tyler Smith's yard, but if you have any interest in seeing this building or taking a sweat, don't hesitate to contact either Marc or I.  (1hundredhanded@gmail.com)   

Marc and I with the initial steel frame in place.

Final photo of the exterior.  The back side of the sauna is where you load wood into the custom sauna stove.  You can see the cribbage blocks we were using to jack it up to get it on to the trailer. 

Interior of the multi-teared building with a view of the custom bent light fixture...

Custom sauna stove with room around the fire box for the sauna rocks...  This photo is from when we first installed the stove.

Process photo...

You can see the multi-level seating without the front wall installed...

Here is Marc Goodson in his element :)

Process photo to show the under bench wood storage area next to where you load wood into the stove.  

Final shot of the sauna loaded on to the trailer!  Can't wait to make it back to Portland to take my first sweat in the new sauna... You can see the burnt wood finish with Tung oil.  

And one more shot of the vinegar patina on the steel roofing!

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