Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Arts Walk event @ Orca Books this weekend! (April 28th to the 30th)

Travis Skinner's sculptural works will be displayed at the Orca Books arts walk event this weekend.  They show the process of interacting with different species of trees on an intimate level.  In all of the work you will see the material as the guide for the sculpture.  Hand tools were used to create natural form in Dogwood, Black Locust, Western Red Cedar and Western Hemlock.

Also being displayed will be photos and a short film of my most recent project, the Snail Shell Sauna.  This building is an 8 sided concentric ring yurt with a Fibonnaci sequence spiral radiating out as the entrance way.  I worked closely with sheet metal smith Travis Conn and was aided by the hands of  Christopher Sean Williams.  The sauna slithered it's way to the northern neck of East Olympia in the past few months.  Adventure photographer Scott Hollis snapped shots of the architectural mollusk and a special feature short film of the sauna will play thanks to drone camera man code_ultra_zyl.  Come see where the wave of sculpture crashes on the beaches of architecture.   

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