Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Snail Shell Sauna underway...

The Snail Shell Sauna is inchin' along...  Here is a re-cap of two weeks of work...

I started by ripping up a bunch of found 3/8" plywood into 4" strips.  I screwed together the strips and staked down an 11' circle for a form board.  Rick and I dug for a few days with the tractor and with shovels to grade the site and get all our drain lines figured out.  One drain for the sauna (as a clean out and there is a plumbing vent to allow fresh air into the sauna as the woodstove uses oxygen), another drain pipe for outdoor tubs and a third for outdoor showers.  You can see the three 3" abs pipes above.  They feed into a 6"concrete pipe that was installed in the ground to drain off the footing of a large barn beside the sauna location.     

I finished forming the snail shell entrance and outdoor patio around the sauna, then reinforced everything with a big ratchet strap (thanks pops for that advice).  You can see the hog wire fencing that is cut and fit into the form boards. 

We had a work party with a bunch of friends over to pour the pad and inset stones and forms for pebble mosaics.  

Here is the outdoor shower drain decor...  Thanks Marsha, Wendy, and Deston! 

While Rick, Wendy and Willow were on vacation, the dogs and I spent a few days putting up the concentric ring yurt for the sauna. 

I made an 8 sided cupola as the center ring for all the rafters to land on.  I used 1/8" clear poly carbonate as the shell.  I stuck that cedar dowel out of the top of the cupola as an armature for our sheet metal decor that will be added to spice up our spire later. 

I used a 10' ladder as a scaffold to hold the cupola, while I custom fit all 8 rafters

 I replaced the ladder with a 2x4 brace to fit my last rafter.  You can see the 2x4 brace in the center of the sauna in the picture above... then i kicked out the brace...

The cupola didn't budge with the removal of the brace! I have to frame the entrance way and hang some more rafters, but first I'm taking a trip to Bill Coperthwaite's homestead, Dickinson's Reach in Machiasport, Maine. An opportune time to seek inspiration from the legendary concentric ring yurt builder.  More on that trip to coming soon...

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