Sunday, March 22, 2015

Western Hemlock Shard Sculpture

While hiking in the Skokomish river valley this winter I came across this shard of what I believe is a very old Western Hemlock tree.  I've had it piled up with some other found pieces of wood and I finally got around to carving it.  I believe it formed from the impact when the tree fell or if it was struck by another falling tree.  Dimensions: 19" x  8" x 6" 

This side of the shard was facing down towards the earth.  With a gouge and a hook knife I revealed this.

 I followed the lines in the tree and I tried to interface the fresh carved texture with the rich color of the inner bark.

I did smooth out some of the natural features, but for the most part the shard was so beautiful already I thought better to present than arrange. 

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