Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rain Screen Siding

I have been installing the rain screen bevel siding for the last few days in a last ditch effort to get the exterior finished before the rains begin. Here are some process pics of the installation for other people who are interested in the rain screen exterior siding.  After each piece of bevel siding is put on the house I brush on clear Penofin finish and make sure not to put any Penofin anywhere there is silicon caulk. Once the caulk dries I will go back and coat the wood that was not finished.   

I decided to weave the boards on the end corners for aesthetic value and to stagger the seam to help repel water.  It took longer to do it this way instead of putting on corner trim and butting the siding to the trim.  I noticed that this was how Wharton Esherick's home/studio was built and I was inspired to go the extra mile and weave the corner boards when I saw the result of the detail on Wharton's house.   

The other detail that took some thought and detail finish work was the stops for the windows.  I made them out of Black Locust boards that are ripped to 3/8" thickness.  I installed them so they stuck out far enough for the siding to butt against.  It worked well and the locust adds a nice look that ties together the door jambs and the window stops.  I would like to attribute this building detail to Joseph Becker who gave me the idea.  I am most pleased with the in-set windows because they add further protection from rain, which is always my biggest concern.  

Last night, I finally got the gumption to cut the final hole in the house, so I cut out and framed in the back loft door that needed to be completed before I could finish siding the back end of the house.  I don't have any pics of this yet, but as soon as I finish siding, and building the last small door I will put up photos.  We had heavy rains this morning, so I will work on interior stuff today and hopefully I can finish siding before Tuesday when I start a new job...  

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