Friday, July 18, 2014

Full Circle

We spent 3 nights on the beach @ Toleak Point and explored the tidal shelf under the warm sun and the full moon.  It really rejuvenates the soul...

When we returned we went to the forge and I made a fro blade from an old leafspring.  I have been meaning to make a bigger fro so I can make shakes from some bigger cedar bolts I collected from the Hoh.  I designed this fro so a shovel handle can slide into the eyelet.  I did this for 2 reasons, first it's easier to store without a handle, and second because I don't have an extra handle and I don't want to make/buy one right now.

Here is a pic of the fro with the shovel inserted as the handle.  When I got home from the forge, I got to making shakes and I paneled underneath the bench I have been working on.

It was really rewarding to have a desired tool in mind that I need for a job, then go to the shop and make the tool, use it and install the finished shakes all in the same day.  This process has really come full circle after 2 years of practice.

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