Tuesday, June 24, 2014

That Door Is A Jar...

The doors are finally ready to be hung!   I spent the last two days finishing up the exterior shingling, pictured above.  I cut these shingles on a band saw mill and I collected the old growth cedar bolts from stumps in the Hoh river rain forest.  

Here is the interior paneling of the door made from the excess walnut flooring.  The stiles and rails of the door are made from Douglas Fir, also cut on a local mill.

I tried to find 5/8" foam, but was unsuccessful, so instead I borrowed this tool from Joseph Becker to cut down the 2" foam I had into 5/8" thickness.   The tool sends a current through a very thin wire and you can cut with the heated wire.  It worked really well, but it makes an eerie sound while it's cutting so we have affectionately called it the darth vader tool. 

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