Monday, May 12, 2014

Pairoducks @ Zyl Vardos

When I first got involved with micro building a few years ago, my friend Joseph Becker took my by Abel Zimmerman's home to see a gyspy wagon he was building.  His big round windows, custom curvatures, and top notch craftsmanship really blew me away.  I had seen buildings of this quality in magazines and photos online, but I had never walked inside of one.

What really set Abel's tiny home apart is that he was building his own windows and doors, and almost everything had curves.  He was taking his time and going for something that was reminiscent of an older generation of carpenters and craftsman.  Needless to say I was really inspired, especially seeing a guy who is building all his own stuff.  It made it feel possible.

As I have been working on my own projects as of late and struggling to find work much better than weed whacking, I will weed whack if I have to weed whack.  My friend Rick Peters called me one day and said I know a carpenter who needs help.  I called him back and he said it was Abel.  I called him up and what do you know.  I'm shingling his new project.  Take a look and check out the Zyl Vardos website

Shingling with #2 Western Red Cedar shingles.  After each row, you coat the shingles with Penofin wood finish.  Stainless 1" staples for hardware.

At the end of the row of shingles I've been scribing and jig saw cutting the trim line.  I clean up each cut with a utility knife.  The soft cedar chips away with very clean cuts.  

We used this nifty old school hardwood mason block line.  I have never seen one of these before.  It makes it so you can mount your line on a finish piece and slide it up and down.  We marked out the shingle reveal line on painter's tape and slide the line up after each row of shingles.

More pictures and stories to come in the future...  

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