Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chain and Hinge Desk

As the Leafspring develops I have been focusing on one piece at a time, when I have the time.  The slow pace has allowed for functionalism to direct design.

I had plans to use this old cabinet door I found on the side of the road as a desk for some time.  I enjoy when you find something and envision it, then it naturally materializes as if it was set in a course outside of your control.

I used a small veiner tool to carve a landscape of Rainier from my bedroom window when I lived at the farm.

Last week I got into the smithy and finally got around to forging the chain link that acts as a support for the desk.  I cut a whole in the cabinet door for the link to fit through and strapped on hinges that Bill Dawson helped me forge.

The chain hangs in a stud cavity between windows when the desk is folded up.

The desk folds up and partially covers the window so I have to decide whether it will be moved, reshaped, or incorporated.  All three are viable, but what I need is the direction it will go.

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