Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Somewhere in Northern California...

After a 7 week long trip to Trinity County, California, I arrived safely home in the wee hours of the morning after an all night drive up the coast.  I'm not sure how I got involved in this one, but the weather was too nice to leave!  I ended up staying a few extra weeks.  I met an amazing and inspiring architect and got to work on a structure that was not your typical bathroom/kitchen remodel.  She designed and was building a Quonset hut (more like a corrugated metal rainbow building).

When I arrived on sight they had a 2000 square foot concrete pad poured with two shipping containers placed on the pad.  The containers where parallel, facing one another.  A local graffiti artist Chepe, painted the containers with a mural.

The mural on the adjacent side was of a woman stretched out, (pictured above) but I did not get many quality photos due to my camera getting eaten by my dog a few months ago.  Thanks to Ryan Boutcher for the photos I'm able to share.

  In this close up of the reclining woman you can see the sword fern stencils.

And so we began...  The first day we bolted down the bottom plate for the hut and went out with chainsaws and cut two posts out of downed trees in the forest.  Next they erected the first few wrungs of the quonset hut and the carpentry team attached the top plate with 2' segmented pieces and began framing the walls.

Thanks for scissor lifts and home cooked meals.

You can gain a better perspective of the shipping containers in this photo.  The rear wall is framed and there is a Douglas Fir post on the adjacent side of the Grand Fir.

Windows installed, T 1-11 siding is up, and corrugated clear plastic wall. 

Now the front wall and bump out.  The bump out was framed with timbers of Doug Fir that were milled on the property and had been stickered for years. 

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