Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nail Bags and Climbing Chalk Bags Unite!

I've been using my roommate's old chalk bag as a hardware holder while I'm working and it's the best hardware satchel I've ever had.  The caribeaner makes it easy to take off and put on my pant belt loop if I don't want to wear my bags for any particular reason.  Ideally I would have two of them and could switch them out easily instead of having to remove all the previous screws etc...  The other trait that I celebrate is the ability for the bag to cinch open and closed with a plastic clip.  It's quick and easy to secure the hardware so it doesn't go flying out of your bags and around your car (or life) after work. 

You can even leave a little chalk in the bottom of the bag so when you're hanging on a rafter you can chalk up. 

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