Monday, August 26, 2013

Roof Framing...

I spent the last week framing in the windows, sheeting the walls and framing and sheeting the roof.  Here are some process pics..

I started by building these pony walls for the dormer windows.

Then my friend John Reese and I built a ridge beam out of laminated together 1/2" plywood.  The ridge is 19' long.  We built supports to hold up the ridge beam in place and then cut rafters to fit. Once we had template rafters for both roof pitches I cut all the rafters and notched them with a pull saw to sit on the top plate.    

We got the middle section of the roof sheeted, but I still need to put support rafters to the hips and build a barge rafter on the back gable.  Once I throw up the last rafters and get the tails cut to length I can dry her in! 

Here is a detail pic of the framing of the front wall and window, with fir sill in place.  

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