Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pacific Yew Chopsticks

Bill Dawson gave me some side cut pieces of Pacific Yew to fiddle with because the sap wood to heart wood contrast is strikingly beautiful.  I carved these chopsticks in the Grand Tetons while visiting Wyoming.  I got to spend the night at Lake of the Crags above Jenny Lake.  Absolutely magical full moon night with me and the marmots. 

I carved the hole at the top so I can tie a leather cord in a loop for three purposes: 
1. to keep them together 
2. to make them easy to attach to things during travel
3. because


  1. It is really progressing, thanks for allowing me to come on your journey

  2. you are aware that yew is poisonous?

  3. Pacific Yew berries are poisonous but there are lots lots of cultures who have been using the wood to carve bowls and spoons for a very long time. Try searching pacific yew spoon and you will see all of the ornately carved spoons. I don't think using the wood to eat with would be of heath concern, and it may just help you (if you're a man) prevent testicular cancer. (Just kidding).