Sunday, June 30, 2013

Forged Bracket Sink Base

I got a phone call this week for my first out of the blue commission.  He was looking for a base for a hefty ceramic sink.

The sink weighs about 300 pounds.  Rick salvaged it from an old school and intends to use it for his kitchen sink.  He is remodeling his kitchen/house and is going to use top of the sink as the height for 3" fir countertops. 

I made feet using 2" x 1/2" flat bar stock. 

Then I made a scale drawing using soap stone on a piece of sheet metal for a template.

The next steps in the process involved: 1. 90 degree bends in the bracket, which was quick and 2. For the cross bracing between the brackets  I wrapped one piece of the stock around the other piece at the cross section of the bracing.

This took some figuring out, but I made a tool using 1"x3" tubing that fit tightly around the piece and slid over the stock for the bends. 

We finished the base with two pieces of 5/8" square stock that will be riveted in place.


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