Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trilobite Relief Carving

Here is my first relief carving of an extinct marine arthropod.  I thought that Pacific Yew would be an appropriate wood for a replica fossil.  Yew is a very slow growing conifer and this piece was over 200 years old.  It was gifted to me by John Reese, or more like John constantly leaves his stuff at my house, so I carved up a round that he left.  This piece of wood is unique because it was cut diagonally from the log.  So, as long as my gouge cuts were down, they came out very smooth.  I think I will use another diagonally cut round in the future (for relief carving) because I was so happy with the results of this piece. 

 It really reminds me of the leathery red top of the Oregon Reishi mushroom.  When I walked into my friends house she thought I was carrying a Reishi.  It is also reminiscent of a space ship.  I've been imagining cruising around in this vessel for the last few weeks.  

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