Sunday, March 17, 2013

Forged Colinear Hoe

With a little encouragement yesterday I finally made a colinear hoe.  I took an old lawnmower blade and hammered it flat, cut out the blade and forged the stem (copying the design of another hoe). 


This morning I took this mallet and this foe,

and this piece of ash, and that dog eyeball,


 and split out a handle. 

then I drilled a hole and hammered in the tool stem to the handle.  I hammered it in before I shaped the handle so, with more mass, it did not split the piece of wood.  

I shaped the handle with a belt sander. 

finally i finished it off with a carving knife and applied some tung oil. 

All that and no hoe jokes, I'm biting my tongue...

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