Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oregon Reishi Mushroom

I went up to the Olympic Hot Springs for a soak last weekend and we found a bunch of Oregon Reishi mushrooms growing on downed logs.  We brought this single specimen home.     

The bottom is spongy and there was a branch like foot supporting the mushroom on the log.  You can see where the foot has been cut at the top of the picture.  


The top of the mushroom looks like shiny red leather.  It looks like a plush couch for a small creature. 

There was a small hole in the front of the mushroom, which is very common.  Maggots crawl inside and eat the flesh.  You have to cut them out and clean out there end trail.  Sounds gross, but it's fun.  

I chopped up a quarter of the mushroom and cooked them in a crock pot on low for a day.  The other 3/4 of the mushroom will get sliced up and dehydrated.  You would be surprised with how tough the mushroom body is.  The tea has a strong earthy flavor with a sweet after taste. 

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