Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mahogany Wings

This wood is special.  A friend gave it to me after he saw some spoons and spatulas I was making.  He was in Liberia in the peacecorps in the 70's.  He was able to ship back a crate of things, so he went to a village where they were pit milling virgin mahogany logs and he bought some lumber.  He built a crate out of the mahogany and painted it black.  He filled it with afghans and tapestries and shipped it back to the states.  When he picked it up from the shipping yard he ran it through a planer.  Now it is a pair of small wings.    


I broke two chisels scraping out the divide between the wings.  You can see the nail hole from this wood's past life as a shipping crate.  

I'm really not sure why I made wings.  I just drew on a block of wood and went with it. 

Day 1: roughing it out with gouges.

Day 2: holes 

 Some Day: 

Workshop:  While I was working on this piece I had a friend come and take some photos of the studio.  You can get a perspective of the actual size of the piece, as you can see it clamped in the vice. 

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