Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rabbit Slaughter Device

You never know what someone will want you to make.  My friend Addie raises rabbits for meat at Delphinia Farm and wanted me to make her a piece of equipment for slaughtering the rabbits.  So I invited her and Justin over to the shop and we bent an old bolt to an acute angle at their specification and welded it 90 degrees to the thick triangle steel plate with a piece of angle backing the bolt.

The rabbits throat slides down between the bolt and the piece of angle until it is tight and you pull down on the body to sever the spinal column.  Addie had used the old hit them on the head with a broomstick technique in the past and if you didn't get a solid hit you heard a squeal that would haunt your subconscious.  I guess somebody makes this hook on a steel plate and sells it for a pretty penny, so I traded her a bag full of food for a quick bend and a few welds.

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