Saturday, September 29, 2012


It's been a while since I have put up any pictures of the house project, however it has been progressing... You can see the catwalks were assembled at the ends of the eaves to help with roofing work.  We finished sheeting and started shingling what seems like ages ago now.

Wes assembled scaffolds that hung outside of the high windows to help us finish framing the high parts of the end walls and with roofing.  I really appreciated having a plank to stand on instead of the wrung of a ladder.

You can get a better perspective of the scaffold here.  You can also see the plywood was cut on the edge of the roof and we installed barge rafters and primed fascia boards.  Fascia is only installed on the right side of the barge rafter in this picture. 

And the joy of shingling ensued...

We finished the shingling and took off for Shon's marriage extravaganza!

A few weeks later we were back at it and we finished the loft plywood floor and tied up all the framing loose ends to pass our sheer wall and framing inspection.

This past week we put on house wrap and installed doors and windows.

We finished all the doors and windows and hung over half of the soffits.  We're taking a break for the next few weeks and probably starting a kitchen and bath remodel before we are back to install the hardy plank siding. 

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