Saturday, March 10, 2012


I've been in the shop after work playing.  I took this long nail and flattened it, cut off the head, tapered it and bent it on the anvil.

I made this trivet for setting hot dishes and my tea pot on.  With a vast array of metal in the shop, each day transforms found objects into new purposes. 


  1. Ooo lovely transformation. does the black 'wrought iron' look (is that what you would call it?) just happen through the heat of the forge? Or is there more to it than that?
    Cheers, B.

    1. The color happens just from heating it up. My favorite part of blacksmithing are the intense colors. Vermillion paints my dreams. You take something covered in rust (which I also love the texture and colors of) and heat it red hot and when it cools it turns this black/grey color. Wrought iron is different than steel, as it has no (or verrry little) carbon content. It has to be worked at a higher temp, but I don't have any experience working wrought iron yet. I use steel because I have a hefty supply of scrap in the shop. You'll see more projects soon so keep posted. Thanks.