Sunday, March 18, 2012

Living Roof Brackets

Joseph Becker from Ion Ecobuilding commissioned 6 brackets for a living roof.  The brackets mount on the rafters at the end of the roof line.  They allow for a 1" airspace gap under a cedar planter box.  I will put pictures up of the brackets on the roof once they are installed.

Here is a profile view...

and a front view featuring a tiger named Noah... 

I had fun stacking them in different formations. 

Also had a visit from John Reese, a stone carver.  John's website is featured in the links. 

Here is another one of John's pieces.  It is a big snake fighting a man.  It looks like the snake has the upper hand.   

I practiced squaring pieces of re-bar, tapering them and bending them into this shape.  I was thinking I could make belt buckles out of these, but I fit them together and like the way they feel as a single unit. 

I'm inspired to do some pieces with lots of similar style shapes fit together into a mobile or structure.  

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