Sunday, March 4, 2012

I made a sign for the shop out of some old strapping.  Just finished some s hooks and eyelets and hung it above the door.  I had some friends over to the shop this weekend and mettled.  I got a lesson in brazing, so I'm brainstorming sculpture ideas using bike spokes and brazing rod to make models.  I like drawings, but the bike spokes allow me to draw 3 dimensionally.

My friend Dave Wilson came out and gave me some good ideas about tool design.  He made a hold-fast for the anvil, and inspired me to make some bending jigs.  This tool mounts in the pritchet hole and holds the piece down to the anvil.

I also made a fullering jig (pictured below) to make a decorative design at the top of a bracket.  This spring tool allows you to pinch a piece of metal the same on both sides.   

You strike the top and squeeze the metal between the top and bottom of the tool.

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