Sunday, February 12, 2012

Building a Forge Box

I got an old diesel tank from a friend and I hacked it up into pieces, then smashed them flat.  The tank itself looked like it had fallen from an airplane when I got it.  I beat the sheet steel so it was fairly flat and then took an angle grinder and cut the pieces for the forge box. 

I designed the forge to fit 2 fire bricks in the base of the fire box.  I used the C shape design thanks to help from a smith.

I welded the box together and then worked on building a door. 

After I finished the door I need to cut two holes in the top of the forge to mount the burners.  I started with a hole saw, but it was a slow process, so I moved to the cutting torch.

I got some 2" black pipe and cut 4" pieces to mount the burners in the top of the box.  Then I drilled three holes at the top of each 4" piece for tension screws to allow for adjustment of the burners.

I used a tap to cut the threads for the tension screws and welded the pipes on the top of the box.

With some high temp heat resistant paint I coated the burners and box inside and out.  

Finally I filled in the box with ceramic insulation and 2 fire bricks on the bottom of the box.  I cut the steel plate to fit 1" thick ceramic insulation and 2 standard fire bricks I had laying around.

I mounted the burners in the box and fired it up.  The design of this forge includes a rather large opening that will be covered with fire brick to adjust the size of the door to fit the piece that I am working on.

I fired it up and the first piece I made was a handle for the forge door. 

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