Sunday, February 19, 2012

Abraxas Update

Open space exists and it found it's way into the throws of Abraxas.  With the aid of child labor and the inspiration of self preservation, I graded the floor, got the anvil and post and leg vice mounted and put in my workbench.

The vice is circa 1920.  I found it on Portland's Craigslist and Bill drove down and picked it up for me.  It was 160 bucks and it has 4 1/2" jaws.

The anvil is a used 120 lb farriers anvil. It was purchased @ Olympia Farrier Supply.  The heel of the anvil has the corners of the face rounded and the heel itself is ground down so you can bend beyond 90 degrees (visible in the very left side of the anvil pictured above). Getting the log in wasn't too difficult, but it did take some grading of the dirt floor to get the height of the anvil at the appropriate height.  That log is in the ground about 2 feet, so dropping the dirt down about two inches was easier than rearranging the log. 

The workbench is in and solid. The gluing of the bench top was not as successful as planned, so there is a small gap in the fir boards.  I drilled peg holes and put in wood dowels to connect the two pieces of fir, but the dowels were a bit tight and didn't line up perfectly.  I was warned of this problem by the wiser forces at hand, however, it gets scores well in the strength test.

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