Friday, December 16, 2011

My first job with Global Green Energy Corp

I'm working for Global Green Energy Corporation installing solar panels and building ground mounts for the panels. The first job I worked on was this 10 panel array on Fish Trap Loop, eastside Oly. We built the structure and dropped on the panels, now it is set to be Tyvec wrapped and sheeted with an aluminum siding.

Inside of the little shed is a system for back up storage batteries. These batteries store energy from the photovoltaic system, so when the power cuts out there is a back up generator that kicks on. Once the batteries are full the power is directed back to the grid where the homeowner is paid per kilowatt hour for the energy generated.

The panels generate DC (Direct Current) electricity and the two black boxes in the center of the system invert the energy flow to an AC (Alternating Current) wave. The difference between AC and DC are that in an AC (Alternating Current) wave electrons flow in both directions (positive and negative). In a DC (Direct Current) wave electrons flow in only one direction.

I recently purchased my electrical training card, and am currently reading about electrical theory (Ohm's law and the basics), while pulling wire with an electrician. Apprenticeships really have become the obvious method for learning skills and I seem to be filling my life as much as I can with this technique for education.

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