Saturday, October 22, 2011


Welcome to Abraxas. Abraxas is a Gnostic deity that embodies all opposites, good and evil, into one being. I decided to name my shop Abraxas because as you can see it has many wonderful assets and equally as many head aches. With Rick Easterly's approval of my blacksmith/welding shop proposal, I am turning this barn space into a functional metal studio.

The red barn on the right is Abraxas. At least the upper portion of the barn. It has ample space, 220v power, great ventilation and a serious stock pile of steel. Because the barn is in such a clutersome state I am receiving a rent free agreement (for the studio space) in trade for my hard labor. Most people, when they see the state of Abraxas, tell me I am being taken advantage of. I'm doing a lot of work and not receiving a whole lot for payment. I on the other hand recognize that there are not many landlords that let you heat metal to 2000 degrees and smash it with hammers, and that my friends is what makes me giddy. I also think old barns are really cool.

So with the aid of my four legged pooch friend Willy Mae Sue. I unearth yesteryears of Abraxas' soul and sort it into boxes so I can begin dis-assembling then re-building my very own shop.

I recently put up a sheet of aluminum as a fire shield for the barn wall and I got my welding bench set up. Only one way to eat an elephant and it's one bite at a time. I feel like I ripped off a massive piece of that beast this weekend and I'm still gnawing the fat. To show all you faithful readers a bit of the process I wanted to post some pics of the progress I'm making.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Right now it doesn't look like much progress in the photos, but I'm organizing a lot of scrap steel and getting ready to take down the back cabinet wall, put in windows for light and re-build a work bench along that wall. Back to the bowels of the demon/holy spirit.

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