Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Workbench and Wall Murals

I set up a workbench in front of numerous, tiny cinder block AA murals at the Griswold building. I have been enjoying the concrete rectangle collage and wanted to share some of the art pieces that are particularly great.

Here is picture of the bench.

There are numerous memorials painted on this wall, like this one for Ronald O. Peircy.

Or this one painted by Dave J. on May 7, 1990 for Terry M. O'Connor.

These pieces of art reveal a history of Olympia and the people who lived here. It feels special to be one of the few individuals who have access to this cultural tapestry.

AS BILL SEES IT is right next to where I work and it always seems to make me chuckle. See my Dad's name is Bill and sometimes I stop working and think about what I am doing from the perspective of my father.

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